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Fists in Solidarity

What We Do

Find and connect people with jobs in your community

Blue Chip Works creates unique experiences and platforms for companies looking to strengthen their local community through workforce development initiatives. By creating an experience for all to thrive, we empower the global economy one person at a time.

Our Premier Clients
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Become the industry leader or local employment expert by connecting with us today.

Blue Chip Works connects with you to

Develop and manage talent and workforce needs.

Learn of workforce trends by partnering with leading experts.

Create workforce dashboards for your industry or local community.

Create jobs for the future and connect with next generation of leaders.

Create a workforce solution for your
Local Region

Create a Unique
Workforce Community

Do you need to create your own specific workforce platform? Let us help you develop a industry and / or local platform. Features include:

Job Search

Effortlessly find your dream job with our intuitive and comprehensive job search functionality.

 Analytic Reporting

Gain valuable insights into your job search progress and career development with in-depth analytic reporting.

Working Together

Multi-Device Capability

Access our platform anytime, anywhere, with multi-device capability for seamless usability across all your devices.

Member Dashboard 

Stay organized and informed with a personalized member dashboard, tailored to your career goals and preferences.

 A.I. Resume Builder & Reader

Craft and optimize your resume effortlessly with our cutting-edge A.I. resume builder and reader.

 Career Coaching

Unlock your full potential with personalized career coaching sessions, guiding you towards success

Create your own workforce community today

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